Standing Out From The Crowd And Finding Your Niche Market

It's been a year or two since my last article here was published, and a very busy time for me it has been too. Continuing to grow my practice, in the right direction, and develop my reputation as being an expert in my chosen field, Equestrianism and Sports Hypnotherapist. Although I do enjoy working with people presenting many different kinds of issues, I soon realised after qualifying that to be truly successful in this great profession of ours, you really do have to stand out from the crowd and concentrate on finding  your niche market, and attract your ideal clients. Specialising in a certain issue gives you kudos and by specialising in a certain field you are soon seen as the expert in that chosen field, as more clients refer you to others. Being good at what we do isn't enough anymore. These days we have to be great at what we do and be different from the masses.

I have been very fortunate in being asked by an equestrian magazine in the huge county of Essex to write a column, which appears monthly and has a readership of over 5000 people. I am given a whole page and it has been invaluable in expanding my reputation to my ideal clients. I began by advertising in the magazine, and then was asked if I would like to become a regular contributor. I enjoy writing my article every month very much and it is always therapy based in one way or another. It also counts towards my C.P.D. hours. Like any other industry today, the competition is fierce, especially in super saturated markets. That is why correct marketing is so important for you to succeed in your chosen field.

I have been very fortunate to give talks and demonstrations to several Equestrian clubs and groups. These have been very well attended and I've always attracted new clients by doing them. Social media is a great tool for marketing your practice and developing your brand. There are lots of opportunities to be had and can be quite inexpensive too. I am also on a few Hypnotherapy Directories which do work quiet well but without a doubt personal recommendations from satisfied clients are always the best and most successful by far. I also have a referral programme. Every client who refers a new client receives a voucher for a free of charge top up hypnotherapy session.

Technology has made so many more marketing tools available to us and it is so easy to sell products over the internet now. I find for me a more personal approach works in the way I like to work, with my clients. Over the next two years or so I would like to publish my book, which is now ready to be published. Continue to develop myself further with the relevant C.P.D. courses that I feel are of interest and value to myself and my practice. I also belong to a peer group. We are a group of six Hypnotherapists who meet about once a month for a couple of hours. We discuss various issues relating to our work and are a great help and support for each other. I love what I am able to do to help others and continue to enjoy growing and learning for my own enrichment.