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Professional Growth

• Become a professional therapist or counsellor with good earning potential

• Start a new career or enhance your current career

• Work flexibly in a range of settings; employed, self-employed, full or part-time.

• Earn recognised and accredited qualifications

• Gain professional recognition through national professional associations & Be eligible to join an Accredited Register recognised by the

• Professional Standards Authority*

• Use your Chrysalis qualifications as a recognised route to Higher Education*

*subject to terms and conditions

Personal Growth

• Embark upon personal growth and change in a safe, & professional setting

• Explore the nature of the human being – thoughts & feelings.

• Choose a rewarding and meaningful course of study

• Make friends & Meet others with similar interests

• Gain a sense of personal satisfaction and achievement

• Make a real difference to people’s lives


At Chrysalis, we offer a blended learning style. This means that 70% of your classes will be held face to face, and 30% are held online, via Zoom.

Training providers often change awarding organisations as the learning providers strategies change, Chrysalis is no different to this. We constantly review ways to improve the student journey, whether that be improving links with placement providers, course delivery, courses content or communication the list is endless. In this instance Chrysalis contacted the Prince’s Trust to investigate whether there was the possibility to work with The Prince’s Trust given the amount of positive work that the charity already undertakes in our communities.

We felt that there is a synergy between both organisations and we would be able to work together to make a positive contribution to the profession.

We were successful in this endeavour and we are proud to announce that Chrysalis has become an approved centre for The Prince’s Trust.

There is a growing demand for talking therapists in the UK, this is only increasing. Chrysalis are making every effort to make sure both our students and graduates have the best opportunity to make a positive impact to society.

When will the change take place?

Chrysalis will run Prince’s Trust qualifications from 1st May 2021

After this date Chrysalis students will study Prince’s Trust qualifications when their next qualification starts, for example if your Year 2 course which is validated with Aim Assessment & Qualifications Group finishes in September 2021 then your Year 3 qualification will be awarded by the Prince’s Trust.

All new starters will be studying qualifications awarded by The Prince’s Trust

If you are currently studying an Aim qualification this will continue as normal and the qualification will be awarded once you have passed the qualification.

I didn’t know that The Prince’s Trust offered qualifications

The Prince’s Trust become an awarding organisation in 2010 and is currently recognised by the relevant qualifications regulators in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland to design, deliver and award qualifications. We also provide qualifications outside the UK. More information can be found at

Will I still have a route to an accredited register?

Yes, all of the qualifications awarded by the Prince’s Trust will be recognised in the same way as before with routes to both The National Hypnotherapy Society and The National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society accredited registers.

Will this affect my qualification?

No, all courses run by Chrysalis are mapped to the RQF. The level of the qualifications will remain the same as well as the material that you will be studying.

Chrysalis has taken the opportunity to look at the components of the course and to tweak some of the specifications, however these changes are minimal and not impact your student journey.

It has also allowed Chrysalis to incorporate all of the extra learning materials supplied during the pandemic into the qualification, such as the online workshop at the end of year 1, the module videos and webinars.

Chrysalis has also taken the opportunity to add an extra component to each of the years, these components focus on evidence based practice, the components are as follows: -

Year 1 – Understanding Evidence Based Hypnotherapy

Year 2 - Understanding Evidence Based Counselling Practice

Year 3 – Evaluating The Use Of Evidence In Counselling Practice

All of these extra units will be online and will not require you to attend any further modules.

Why will it be mandatory for Chrysalis students to be registered with the Princes Trust?

We are committed to ensuring that our students achieve the best possible qualifications, in order to maximise their future opportunities both professionally and academically. We are happy to have our courses scrutinised and validated both professionally and academically. We have an ethical responsibility to provide our students with the best possible outcomes, and registration with a reputable Awarding Body supports this.

Professional recognition

Our courses are already recognised by relevant professional bodies, providing routes to Professional Standards Authority Accredited registers. These Registers are increasingly recognised as representing the minimum standard for practice as a hypnotherapist or counsellor.

Academic recognition

It is increasingly important for talking therapists to also have either a nationally recognised academic qualification, registered on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) administered by Ofqual, or a Higher Education award such as a degree. Employers, placement providers and clients are increasingly looking for practitioners whose qualifications are at a particular officially recognised academic Level and of a minimum standard in terms of length and content of training.

Some training providers may describe their course as, for example, “a Diploma” or as being at a particular Level.

Unless a qualification is awarded by a recognised Awarding Body such as the Princes Trust, and listed on the Ofqual register, or awarded by a Higher Education provider recognised by the Office for Students, such claims are effectively meaningless.

Regulated qualifications must first be scrutinised by an Awarding Body – the training provider cannot apply to have the qualification registered by Ofqual themselves. Prince’s Trust are an Ofqual approved awarding body with a strong track record, a well-known name with royal connections, and a strong ethos which complements our own.


To date, Chrysalis’s hypnotherapy course is the only training registered on the RQF framework due to its accredited status with the Hypnotherapy Society.


Many counselling courses are not officially recognised and may not provide valid routes to professional and academic recognition. Our Princes Trust Level 5 Diploma is accredited by National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society for this purpose and is at a higher Level than many such trainings.

Professional registers consider Level of training as well as experience for their different membership grades, so providing evidence of an actual level of national qualification carries more weight than a qualification which is claimed to be ‘equivalent’ to that level.

For those who would like to continue study at a higher academic Level, Universities and other providers will accept current qualifications more readily if they are Ofqual regulated.


Chrysalis highly recommends that your first step in the process to discovering more and understanding your route to becoming a Counsellor, should be by Reading our Prospectus. You can Request our free Prospectus by completing the request form on our website REQUEST A PROSPECTUS


  • Our Courses are Part-Time. With only one required classroom attendance day per month. These are always held on either a Saturday or Sunday, depending on your venue, between 10am-5pm
  • We have training venues throughout the UK, you should find a venue in a location close to you.
  • It is expected that you complete 8 hours of home study per week, this is generally, essays, assignments & case study work as well as reflective journals
  • There are no exams throughout the duration of your study with Chrysalis
  • You do not need to have had any previous experience or qualifications prior to commencing a Chrysalis Course
  • You will have an allocated Tutor who you will have weekly access to.
  • We have Hypnotherapy & Counselling Course options for you and you can undertake, 1, 2 or 3 plus years of study depending on your goal.
  • Our Recommended Course in the Level 5 Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling Practise. This is our 3 plus year course with an integral work placement in the 3rd year. This course leads to full Accreditation as a Counsellor
  • Our Courses are Accredited via the National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society & National Hypnotherapy Society


• Entry into our first year is open to any adult who can demonstrate that they can understand the course materials, is ethical and responsible, and who wishes to make a difference to themselves and others by entering this field. If you have a desire to grow and to help others, we welcome your application.

• Direct Entry onto our second year is possible if you have a Level 3 qualification in counselling or some types of professional hypnotherapy qualification.

• Entry onto our Level 6 course is normally at the point of passing our other courses.


Once you have submitted your application, our Enrolments Team will contact you either by phone or email within 48 hours to inform you of whether your application has been successful.

Due to the popularity of our courses, most interview days are over-subscribed so please therefore only apply if you are seriously interested. If you have any questions, please call us on 01278 726982 or refer to our website.

On successful acceptance from application you will be invited to Interview. Your Interview will take place via Microsoft Teams. Your Interview will be carried out by a Chrysalis Courses Interviewer. All of our Interviewers are Accredited Counsellors. You will be provided with an appointment time and the appointment will last 45 minutes. Please have ready any questions you have regarding our Courses. The interview is informal and is an opportunity to ask any questions you have, to gain insight from an expert in the industry and a chance for us to get to know you.


Chrysalis has a duty of care to all potential students to inform you at the application stage that undertaking counselling training is emotionally and intellectually demanding as well as physically demanding in terms of travel, placement work etc. A necessary aspect of training is reflection on personal and sensitive past or current issues. These are potential risks to wellbeing. If you have been diagnosed, or have had a previous diagnosis, or are receiving treatment for or experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition associated with a fragile sense of self or identity, or if you have suffered a recent bereavement, are pregnant, or have a serious physical illness or condition, we would need to discuss this in detail with you if you were accepted for interview.

In addition, hypnotherapy taught in year 1 of the course necessitates training as a practice client with peers. For certain diagnoses, hypnosis can only be used if the practitioner is otherwise qualified to treat. This applies to certain mental health conditions as well as neurological conditions such as epilepsy and migraines, along with some physical illnesses, and would therefore preclude anyone so diagnosed to be able to undertake the course in hypnotherapy. In this event, we could discuss possible alternative training routes with you.

Our courses are accredited by the National Hypnotherapy Society and the National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society. As such we adhere to principles relating to trainee and qualified therapists working safely and ethically with peers and volunteers (during training) and clients (upon graduation of training). We are therefore unable to accept onto training applicants who have certain addictions or dependencies, who have been convicted of a serious offence, who are on the Barred Lists, or who have had any unresolved complaints brought against them in the field of counselling or similar.


We welcome your application. If you have a disability we hope that we will be able to adapt our training in any way possible that will assist you to complete our courses. We ensure our venues are almost invariably accessible and can facilitate the presence of guide dogs, support persons, and appropriate adaptations of the course materials where possible. Please let us know your requirements when applying and we can arrange a longer interview to discuss your needs.




There are 2 methods in which you can apply for a Chrysalis Course:

• Online Application

• Call a member of the team & complete your application over the phone


To complete an application online please visit WWW.CHRYSALISCOURSES.AC.UK/APPLICATION

If you start your online application and are unable to complete & submit it then and there, any information entered will be stored for 14 days so you can return to complete this at a later date.


Call the Enrolments Team on 01278 726982 with any questions you may have, they will also be more than happy to complete an application with you over the phone. Once your application has been completed you will receive an email detailing whether you have been accepted and inviting you to book an Interview.


• As well as face to face work, you will be given a wide variety of regular assessed practical and theoretical modules.

  • 70% of class are held in person, and 30% will be held online.

• There is one homework assignment per month with an average of 30 hours reading and writing – approximately 8 hours per week.

• Many courses have practice groups which meet between modules.

• A personal tutor is available by phone in-between classes (at set contact times).

• Your client work will be appropriate to your chosen course and skill level and can range from supervised case studies to a placement depending on your chosen course.

• Our methods of assessing students are wide-ranging and fair, focusing on key practical skills. Chrysalis uses a system of independent second marking as well as using a highly qualified External Examiner to ensure quality and consistency.

• Each year, the final assessment is on your practical classroom work and work with clients and you will qualify if considered safe, ethical and competent at the level of your chosen course.


Yes. Chrysalis courses are fully accredited by either the National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society or National Hypnotherapy Society, which are both Accredited Register holders with the Professional Standards Authority.

It’s compulsory to join the Societies and maintain membership throughout training, as well as to join as a Registrant or Accredited Member on graduation (depending on course.) From there, you can progress to even higher levels of membership and recognition.

Joining a professional body gives our students a host of benefits, including; professional insurance and recognition, access to newsletters, journals and websites, peer support, reduced advertising rates and so on.

The Diploma in Counselling Skills & Theory (Dip CST.) is quality checked by the National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society.

The Level 5 Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling Practice (Prof. Dip. PsyC) is fully accredited by the National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society – a prominent, national professional body. Our graduates may join the National Counselling Psychotherapy Society as Accredited Members (MNCPS Acc.) on completion of their courses. In addition, Chrysalis graduates, as members of our designated professional bodies, are eligible to join the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH). If they progress professionally, senior members can become Fellows of the Royal Society of Public Health (FRSPH).

The Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Introduction to Counselling Skills (DIP HYP CS.) is fully accredited and recognised by the National Hypnotherapy Society, which is the UK's largest accrediting body for hypnotherapy and was instrumental in the establishment of National Occupational Standards for hypnotherapy. Our graduates join the HS as an automatic right as fully recognised, professional members ("MHS").

Will I be on an Accredited Register recognised by the Professional Standards Authority?

Yes. In 2010 the Government asked the Professional Standards Authority (which oversees organisations such as the General Medical Council, Health & Care Professions Council, and Nursing & Midwifery Council) to launch a system of Accredited Registers for professional associations who could meet the rigorous standards. The Accredited Register programme was launched in 2012 and it is now vital that counsellors and therapists are registered. The public is increasingly seeking only accredited registrants and the NHS is including the Accredited Register programme in its provision of services.

Chrysalis courses, where indicated, are your route to the all important status of being a Registrant on an Accredited Register which is now vital for your professional success.

Are Chrysalis Courses recognised by OFQUAL and are they on the RQF?

Yes. Where indicated, courses are regulated by OFQUAL and Prince’s Trust and are listed on the Regulated Qualifications Framework. Unlike other training providers who just issue their own “internal” qualifications, Chrysalis qualifications are externally recognised and credits can be transferred for further education.

You can see the full syllabus information for each course (using the course code) by searching the Ofqual Register.


On graduation from indicated courses, you will be eligible to gain accredited membership with the relevant bodies and, subject to terms and conditions, join an Accredited Register.

You'll be able to use your qualifications as Entry points into the profession either by seeking employed work or setting up a private practice. The qualifications will also give you access to higher courses with Chrysalis.

Career opportunities with a Chrysalis qualification can include; self-employment, whether working in a clinic or from home; employment in a variety of settings; enhancing your existing career; training and supervising, and a host of others. These opportunities can and should be combined to gain full use of your qualification.

It’s worth noting that job opportunities are generally available for counsellors. There are few employed jobs for hypnotherapists and although hypnotherapy has become more popular over the last few years the vast majority of hypnotherapists, therefore, work in private practice.

We can help you towards building a successful practice and ensure you understand all the relevant elements of using your qualification successfully.


Yes. Placements are compulsory within year 3 of our Level 5 Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling Practice. You will need to achieve 100 hours of supervised practice.

Placements are arranged by the student, where supervision is not offered by the Placement Provider, students will need to arrange their own via The National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society. This is all fully explained within our 'Guide to Finding a Work Placement' provided to you during your studies.

Every person has a different experience to finding a placement, in essence, it’s the same as finding a new job as you need to apply, attend an interview and wait to be accepted.

There are many well-recognised organisations that have experience in the provision of placement opportunities and who have local branches. We advise you to write to these organisations as well as the smaller local centres for a greater chance of a response. It is also important for you to be flexible. You may prefer to work in a particular setting but the wider your application process the better the chances of success, it will also broaden your experience and chances are you will enjoy it.

Make sure you update your C.V and adapt your covering letters. It is better to tailor your C.V to the needs of the provider than to send out a generic application. We also recommend that you check Notice-boards and bulletins on Counselling Websites.

There are many different options when it comes to placements; the key is to decide where you want to go within the profession. We recommend that for support and guidance you should always initially approach your Tutor. We have a secondary support system at Head Office that can support your administrative needs, you can access us via our placement email address

Chrysalis will update the website as and when placement opportunities arrive and what placement providers we recommend.


Returning to study is a big decision, there are many things to consider. One of which is how affordable the course options are and how you will manage your payments.

Our core course offers 3 qualifications, with routes to 2 Accredited Registers. With flexible payment options available, we are confident that our fees are extremely affordable and manageable regardless of your financial situation. Studying with Chrysalis can lead to earning potential in a new career within a year.

Studying for just 1 year on our level 3 Chrysalis Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Introduction to Counselling Skills will provide you with a route to the National Hypnotherapy Society's Accredited Register to start practicing as a Hypnotherapist. If you wish to further your qualification into Counselling you are able to do this alongside practicing as a Hypnotherapist, using your income to help you further fund your study.

Our courses are all part-time, attendance only being required one Saturday or Sunday per month between 10am and 5pm. This means that all other study is home study, set at an average of 8 hours per week. This approach to study enables you to maintain employment and study with us simultaneously. This structure has been set up to help create a more realistic financially viable solution to returning to study.

As part of your course fees you will have access to study on the Chrysalis Moodle VLE (Virtual Learning Environment), this will allow you to study when convenient to you as well as giving you access to short study skills courses free of charge. Examples of our study skills include, How to write an essay, How to write a learning journal and How to prepare for studying.

We have flexible payment plans set up so you can make monthly manageable instalments throughout the duration of your study. You also have the option to discuss with the team your financial situation and for us to adapt our payment plans to find the most suitable option for you. We want to help support all potential students achieve their dream of returning to study, without fearing financial obstacles. We are here to support and guide you through.

Chrysalis Courses are not currently registered for Government Funding. This means that all potential students will need to be able to self fund our courses.

If you are unable to personally fund the course, you could look to secure a bank loan. Chrysalis will happily provide a Covering Letter to help support your loan application.

Any payment queries can be discussed with your Course Interviewer at Interview.




Students are required to purchase text books throughout their study and pay their own travel expenses.


If you’re on the 3+ year Level 5 Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling Practice you will need to budget, further down your studies, for the costs of attending a placement or in having supervision

Whilst most placements will provide supervision it is not a requirement, if a placement does not offer supervision then this will need to be funded by the student.


Students are required to join one or more accrediting professional bodies as soon as they enrol, and must maintain membership throughout training, joining the designated Register on graduation. 2024 Annual Fees are: £125 for the National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society £95 for the National Hypnotherapy Society. Membership carries a large range of benefits


Students are required to register to the Prince’s Trust/Ofqual to receive recognised certificates. Students must pay a separate registration fee to Prince’s Trust for each year of study:

  • Year 1 £95
  • Year 2 £125
  • Year 3 £145


Fees include classes, course materials, group supervision, tutor contact, marking and Chrysalis issued certificates. Students must pay their own travel expenses, obtain their own course texts, and must pay a separate fee to the appropriate professional bodies to register as student members before undertaking their courses.


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