Hypnotherapy has been used successfully in cases of pain relief, insomnia, addiction, phobias, stress and depression. There is a growing body of evidence that it can also greatly aid and galvanise the body’s natural healing processes in a wide variety of illnesses.

Once you have graduated you will be able to start practising as a professional Hypnotherapist. The course is accredited by The National Hypnotherapy Society which offers a route onto an Accredited Register, recognised by the Professional Standards Authority.


Become a

Course 1 - Chrysalis Certificate in Hypnotherapy & Counselling Skills (Cert. Hyp CS)

AIM Awards Level 3 Certificate in Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills 601/2244/4

This is our entry-level counselling and hypnotherapy course which is your route to professional hypnotherapy practice as well as providing you with initial counselling skil...