About Chrysalis

Our courses are unique in that we combine a creative, enjoyable and relaxed approach but with full accreditation from relevant professional bodies. We aim to offer a friendly and supportive, yet professional, learning environment. Studying counselling and therapy is not just about a career – it’s so much more than that. We want you to experience both professional and personal benefits and take the first step in your new exciting career.

Chrysalis was established in 1998 and we are now the UK’s market-leading trainer in counselling courses and talking therapies. We encourage our students to grow themselves through practical, enjoyable and satisfying courses – and on their journey, help others grow.

We feel our courses are unique in that we combine a creative, enjoyable and relaxed approach but with full accreditation from the relevant professional bodies. With you in mind, we designed our courses to be part-time so they fit around modern busy lifestyles and commitments to work and family and our support system will help ensure that you achieve your qualification.

Chrysalis is set up as a not-for-profit company to help enhance the life-skills of its students. As we have no shareholders, any surplus income we generate is re-invested straight back into the courses we provide. We continually look to improve and expand our range of courses in order to offer more and more people, like you, the opportunity to enhance their potential.

There are many benefits when undertaking a Chrysalis course

Professional Growth

  • Become a professional therapist or counsellor with good earning potential
  • Start a new career or enhance your current career
  • Work flexibly in a range of settings; employed, self-employed, full or part-time
  • Earn recognised and accredited qualifications
  • Gain professional recognition through national professional associations & be eligible to join an Accredited Register recognised by the Professional Standards Authority*
  • Use your Chrysalis qualifications as a recognised route to Higher Education*

*subject to terms and conditions

Personal Growth

  • Embark upon personal growth and change in a safe, & professional setting
  • Explore the nature of the human being – thoughts & feelings
  • Choose a rewarding and meaningful course of study
  • Make friends & meet others with similar interests
  • Gain a sense of personal satisfaction and achievement
  • Make a real difference to people’s lives

Just like the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly in it's Chrysalis, we aim to be a safe, protective environment where practical and engaging training will help you emerge with new skills, a sense of achievement and the confidence that you are making the most of your abilities to take the first step in your new exciting career.

Graduate Testimonials

Don't take our word for it, listen to our graduates. Read testimonials from past Chrysalis graduates of our hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and counselling courses.

“I wanted to join the National Hypnotherapy Society, as it’s the only hypnotherapy organisation with a register approved by the Professional Standards Authority. I also want to train as a counsellor later on and I want my hypnotherapy training to count as part of that.”

Debbie Stewart Chrysalis Student

“In the current economic climate, I decided to take the advice of my friends and retrained in a recession”

Sandy Michaels Chrysalis Student

“The Interviewer made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I left the interview feeling confident that Chrysalis is the right choice for me”

Amanda Woods Chrysalis Student

"As a former health professional, I was accepted, last year, to do a Degree in Counselling before realising the impact of the cost of the enormous Fees attached! This lead to my search for related course providers, hence Chrysalis, offering such value. Amazed & wishing I had been introduced to Hypnotherapy earlier as now it completely consumes me."

Mary Anne Chrysalis Student

“Getting OFQUAL qualifications means for me these are properly recognised courses, not just privately awarded certificates. The QCF means I can use these qualifications in lots of ways.”

John Hardy Chrysalis Student

"I'm near to the end of my Advanced Diploma in Counselling after completing my Dip.in Hypnotherapy and my Dip in Counselling. My last course has been by far the best and has really given me the chance to explore counselling in depth with a fantastic tutor. I retired from teaching and now have a new rewarding career as a counsellor."

Kate Axford Chrysalis Student