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"I found the Hypnosis course most useful with my clients. The second year I found very useful for practical purposes and with the extra studies I have done. Chrysalis courses are very good value for money". - PARISIMA MAYEL-AFSHAR

If you're seeking a new direction, considering a career change, or simply aiming to make a difference, embarking on a journey to become a Counsellor, Psychotherapist, or Hypnotherapist with Chrysalis could be the perfect opportunity. Our part-time counselling courses are thoughtfully designed to accommodate busy schedules, ensuring everyone can access the transformative benefits of studying Counselling. Working as a Counsellor is rewarding, challenging, inspiring and so vital in helping nurture mental health. Let Chrysalis empower you to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Our counselling and hypnotherapy courses in Oxford take place at Oxford Brookes University. Our course tutors in Oxford are vastly experienced and all National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society (NCPS) or National Hypnotherapy Society accredited members. You can find more information on our course tutors below.

Our courses receive accreditation from esteemed organisations like the NCPS for counselling and the National Hypnotherapy Society for hypnotherapy. Furthermore, we are recognised as an approved centre for Prince’s Trust Qualifications, ensuring the validation and listing of our courses on the RQF (Ofqual Regulated Qualifications Framework).

We offer different counselling courses depending on your experience and qualifications. These include:

Level 3 Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Introduction to Counselling Skills is a comprehensive one-year course tailored for newcomers to the field. Our innovative course integrates hypnotherapy and counselling techniques, empowering graduates to enter professional practice equipped with both hypnotherapy expertise and essential client-centred skills derived from counselling methodologies. Topics covered include conducting hypnotherapy sessions and mastering hypnotherapy and counselling techniques.

Level 4 Diploma in Counselling Skills and Theory is a two-year course which incorporates level 3 as the first year of the course. Applicants with an appropriate Level 3 Counselling Skills qualification can join directly onto year 2 of this counselling course. This counselling course includes components such as foundations of counselling, psychodynamic, humanistic and cognitive approaches.

Finally, our most popular course; Level 5 Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling is a three-year course. It incorporates levels 3 and 4 as the first two years of the syllabus. Choose this level 5 professional diploma in psychotherapeutic counselling course if you wish to become a professional counsellor and wish to gain, through qualification, a route onto an Accredited Register approved by the Professional Standards Authority. Delve into essential topics like depression, human relationships, abuse, addiction, and personal and professional development as part of this course.

The Level 5 Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling is our recommended counselling course in Oxford as it fully meets current professional requirements and is also the most cost-efficient way to enter our profession.

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*Please note that direct entry classes for this intake start 8th September

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