Entry-level Counselling & Hypnotherapy Course

Level 3 Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Introduction to Counselling Skills

Chrysalis Level 3 Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Introduction to Counselling Skills (Dip Hyp CS.)

Course Length: 1 Year Prince’s Trust Level 3 Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Introduction to Counselling Skills (RQF) 603/6871/8

This recognised hypnotherapy qualification is validated and accredited by:

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Registered successful candidates will receive an RQF Level 3 Diploma from Prince’s Trust (RQF) 603/6871/8

Our one-year part time hypnotherapy with counselling skills course is available at venues across the UK. The course is validated by The Prince's Trust and listed on Ofqual's Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) at Level 3. This course is the only hypnotherapy course listed on the RQF, meaning that it is a true Level 3 Diploma course and not just mapped to a level. In addition, this course is accredited by the National Hypnotherapy Society, a Professional Standards Authority accredited register, meaning the course content and delivery has undergone a level of scrutiny to meet high external national standards. Successful graduation from this course gives you a route to registration with the National Hypnotherapy Society, and the title Registrant Member (MHS).

Our unique course blends hypnotherapy with counselling skills, which many hypnotherapy courses do not. The result of this is graduates can start professional practice with a good level of hypnotherapy knowledge and experience, along with having vital, rapport-building, and client-supporting skills learned from counselling approaches.

And, if your goal is full training as a professional counsellor, this course gives you a route to our Level 4 Diploma in Counselling Skills and Theory, which in turn is a route to our full professional counselling training at Level 5.

The syllabus includes understanding how to support clients in an ethical and professional way, and how to build a successful hypnotherapy practice. You will learn how to work with those presenting issues clients often bring to hypnotherapy, such as state or trait anxiety, unwanted habits such as smoking or unhealthy eating, increasing motivation, and confidence-building.


  • Become a Professional Hypnotherapist (Dip Hyp CS.)
  • Course Accredited by the National Hypnotherapy Society
    • Graduates eligible for Registrant Status
    • Join as an M.H.S. with many membership benefits including eligibility to join the Royal Society for Public Health
  • Route to the National Hypnotherapy Society’s Accredited Register - the only hypnotherapy body to have its register recognised by the Professional Standards Authority
  • Registered successful candidates will receive an RQF Level 3 Diploma Certificate in Hypnotherapy and Introduction to Counselling from Prince’s Trust
  • A clear progression path from hypnotherapy to counselling
  • Build a successful practice via this course and National Hypnotherapy Society membership
  • 96 Guided Learning Hours

* subject to terms and conditions

Counselling & Hypnotherapy Training Syllabus

Our Syllabus comprises 7 Components taught over 10 full day classes and one full day seminar:

    Learning what hypnosis is, how it can be applied and how it can help clients, understanding professional practice and working within an ethical code.
    Learning how to hypnotise, how to tailor hypnosis by listening to the client's needs and helping to establish and work on goals. learning how write and deliver personalised scripts to truly suit the client.
    Learning about presenting issues which hypnotherapy can help with such as stress, anxiety, making healthier food choices, simple phobias, and habits.
    Evaluating more advanced hypnotherapeutic methods used by medical and psychotherapeutic professionals along with a clear understanding of ethical practice and working within level of competence.
    Learning about how hypnotherapy can assist with intimate relationship issues, fertility, and childbirth
    Learning important active listening skills, building, and maintaining rapport. Learning the process of therapy, from the initial meeting, and making assessments and therapy plans.
    Learning what is meant by Evidence-Based Practice, why it is important to the profession of hypnotherapy, and understanding how the evidence can be used in practice.


Don't take our word for it, listen to our graduates. Read testimonials from past Chrysalis graduates of our hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and counselling courses.

“Getting OFQUAL qualifications means for me these are properly recognised courses, not just privately awarded certificates. The QCF means I can use these qualifications in lots of ways.”

John HardyChrysalis Student

"I'm near to the end of my Advanced Diploma in Counselling after completing my Dip.in Hypnotherapy and my Dip in Counselling. My last course has been by far the best and has really given me the chance to explore counselling in depth with a fantastic tutor. I retired from teaching and now have a new rewarding career as a counsellor."

Kate AxfordChrysalis Student

“The Interviewer made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I left the interview feeling confident that Chrysalis is the right choice for me”

Amanda WoodsChrysalis Student

“I wanted to join the National Hypnotherapy Society, as it’s the only hypnotherapy organisation with a register approved by the Professional Standards Authority. I also want to train as a counsellor later on and I want my hypnotherapy training to count as part of that.”

Debbie StewartChrysalis Student

"As a former health professional, I was accepted, last year, to do a Degree in Counselling before realising the impact of the cost of the enormous Fees attached! This lead to my search for related course providers, hence Chrysalis, offering such value. Amazed & wishing I had been introduced to Hypnotherapy earlier as now it completely consumes me."

Mary AnneChrysalis Student

“In the current economic climate, I decided to take the advice of my friends and retrained in a recession”

Sandy MichaelsChrysalis Student


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