Why Become a Hypnotherapist?

10 Great Reasons To Be A Hypnotherapist

Being a Hypnotherapist is a fantastic career, and here are 10 reasons why it is so great to be a Hypnotherapist.

  • You get to work with lots of different people and see them change and grow as they move through therapy.
  • You are part of an ever-growing number of professional hypnotherapists who are dedicated to providing an often life-changing therapeutic process for their clients.
  • You can choose your own days and hours, providing yourself with a great life/work balance.
  • You get to choose where you work from, home, an office or by visiting people in their homes, you can even combine all three. Being able to do this keeps your days interesting and varied.
  • Because things are always changing you have the amazing opportunity to keep growing and develop your knowledge and skills through CPD workshops.
  • Working for yourself as a hypnotherapist can be challenging but seeing your practice and reputation grow and improve is a huge achievement and confidence boost.
  • There are opportunities to pass your skills and knowledge onto other potential hypnotherapists through teaching for a training school.
  • You can work in general therapy or choose to specialise in a subject that you are passionate about.You can even do both of these things.It is amazing how life changing it can be for a therapist to be able set their own pathway, own agenda and make everyday a new challenge.
  • The skills learnt as a Hypnotherapist serve not only to help your clients, but often improve your own relationships, not just with friends and family but also with yourself.
  • You get to spend your days doing the thing you love the most, using hypnotherapy to help other people achieve their goals, hopes and dreams.
  • Taking a Chrysalis course will enable you to become a professional hypnotherapist with a route to an accredited register with the National Hypnotherapy Society. Courses are part time and can fit around your current commitments with attendance required once per month either on a Saturday or a Sunday. Choose Chrysalis for your new career by ordering your free brochure and Let Yourself Grow.