Sam Faiers vows to never diet again after dropping to a size four

Sam Faiers has revealed that she will never put herself through extreme dieting again after she dropped to under seven stone and became a size four.

The former 'TOWIE' star admitted that she wanted to get into shape before she went on Celebrity Big Brother, with her target being a size eight, reports.

The reality television regular was diagnosed with Crohn's disease shortly after exiting the CBB house, which saw her lose more weight than she had initially intended.

Faiers claims that the pressure that she put on herself to lose weight has now been put into perspective by the disease, as she said she did not feel attractive when she was at her lightest.

Whilst speaking to, Ms Faiers said that dealing with the pressure to go from a size 10 to a size 8 before she went on CBB was a lot of hard work, but after losing too much weight because of her disease she realised that size doesn't matter.

Sam said: "All my stressing about being skinny didn't matter - what's important is that you're healthy, happy and feeling good in your clothes... I'll never diet again. I'll never drive myself as mad as I did because when I was thin I didn't feel sexy."