BGT bosses looking to reduce stress levels for 79-year-old favourite

Bosses of ITV1 show 'Britain's Got Talent' say they will implement special measures to reduce stress levels for an elderly contestant.

Paddy Jones, 79, was given a pass straight through to the live semi-finals of the show when she was seen performing on last weekend's episode. The pensioner, who impressed judges with her energetic salsa moves, has even been made an early favourite to win the show by bookmakers.

However, producers are said to be worried that they think the show may be too much for the great-grandmother, so they are cutting down the commitments that she will be involved in. It has also been revealed that the elderly contestant will even get her own napping area and that a medic will be on standby.

Talking about this, an insider told "Despite her energetic performance, Paddy is still a 79-year-old and so producers are sensitive to her needs. They will work with her to make sure she deals with the pressure of being the early favourite."

However, Ms Jones isn't worried herself. She told that she has always "enjoyed being with young people" and says she doesn't feel old.

The pensioner also revealed she might dance to a pop track, rather than a Spanish song in the semi-finals.