Kylie talks about depression worries

Kylie Minogue has claimed that she is worried about suffering from depression now that this series of 'The Voice' has finished, according to

The pop singer admitted that she has suffered from bouts of the mental illness in the past after a big work project has ended. She says she often feels lonely afterwards as well as tense, from the comedown of all the excitement.

According to, the 45-year-old commented: "The one thing I'm aware of, having done those other things like tours and shows, I believe it's clinically recognised - post-tour depression."

She added: "We're all going to feel a little bit lonely next Saturday when it's like 'What do I do now?'"

As well as this latest admission, Kylie also said at the start of the series that she was suffering from "sleepless nights" as she hated having to say no to applicants.

This is the first year that Kylie has appeared on the show. There have been rumours that the star won't return for next year's series because of her 'Kiss Me Once' tour, however it has been claimed that the BBC are willing to move filming dates in order to fit around Minogue's schedule.