Fern Britton opens up about battle with depression

TV host Fern Britton has shared details about her recent battle with depression, claiming that members of the older generation are particularly vulnerable to the mental illness.

Ms Britton, 56, started taking anti-depressants after receiving negative comments about her weight. Fern's problems escalated in the aftermath of her failed marriage to TV executive Clive Jones, which ended in 1998.

Talking to express.co.uk, the presenter said that while the medication did help things, she had be resigned to the fact that she'd need them for the rest of her life.

"I always thought I would be on them until I died - because why would I want to stop taking something that was keeping me stable?" she commented.

Ms Britton believes such problems are common for older people who struggle to come to terms with having to lead a different life.

"So many people have a fantastic life. They cruise through until they're 60 and then - bang. They haven't got the tools to deal with it."

Fortunately Ms Britton managed to get the help she needed and, according to yorkshireveningpost.co.uk, stopped taking anti-depressants after meeting her second husband, TV chef Phil Vickery.

She says that while her mental health issues haven't completely disappeared, a combination of exercise and healthy eating is now allowing her to lead a more peaceful life.