Mrs Brown's Boy star and producer talks of depression battle

The producer of hit BBC sitcom 'Mrs Brown's Boys' has talked about his battle with depression.

Brendan O'Carroll, who also stars in the show, said he fell into a deep depression after a dropped film project left him in £2.2 million worth of debt.

Speaking at the National Television Awards last night, O'Carroll told "It was the first time I'd felt depression like that. I sat in my house with the curtains drawn for days, thinking, 'God just take me now.' I could not see a way out of it. I was absolutely screwed."

He continued: "The thought of going back and starting from scratch after all that was devastating. I had no one to blame. I couldn't point the finger at anybody. I was out in a desert - but I hadn't been put there, I'd walked there myself."

Isolation and constant low mood are typical symptoms of depression and those that feel they might be suffering may want look into counselling courses to help them overcome the illness.

Luckily, Mr O'Caroll said that he managed to pull himself out of the illness and got back into working on the popular sitcom, which scooped Best British Comedy at last night's awards.

The show has also seen it's viewing figures soar from three million to eight million since it started in 2011, according to