Wednesday is 'most stressful day of the week' for women, survey finds

A new study has revealed that one in ten women are blighted by the mid-week blues, citing Wednesday their most stressful day, reports.

Tanning brand, St Tropez quizzed its consumers about their week, to coincide with the launch of its new anti-ageing product line. It discovered that the excesses of the weekend and work demands make Wednesday the least relaxed day of the week.

More specifically, at precisely 3:30pm on Wednesdays, women will 'look their oldest'. It is apparently at this time when the effects of late nights, peaking work pressure and plummeting energy levels collide.

Two-thirds said they experienced a mid-week, mid-afternoon energy slump, not helped by the fact that one in five of the women polled said they would work straight through lunch on Wednesday.

Stress caused by exhaustion is one thing, but if the pressures and demands of daily life are to blame, women ought to consider trying to address the problem. Stress and its associated anxiety can become a debilitating condition untreated. Adjusting workloads and accepting help are two possible solutions, while some women may find that life counselling courses could help them unburden.

"It's fascinating that 3:30pm on a Wednesday is the time women look their oldest," commented St Tropez skin expert, Nichola Joss. "Combine the highest stress levels of the week on a Wednesday with the mid-afternoon slump and that's why women can look older than their years."

"The effects of lack of sleep can take 48 hours to show on the face, so if many women sleep badly on Monday, they will look their oldest on Wednesday," she told