Man uses hypnotherapy to beat cake addiction

A supermarket worker has lost more than four stone after using hypnotherapy to conquer a birthday cake addiction, reports

Adam Williams, 29, swelled to 15 stone after purchasing a number of giant birthday cakes intended to feed 40 people; their prices were knocked down due to sell-by date issues.

He admitted eating the cakes on a daily basis and stated he would suffer migraines if he didn't get his cake fix.

Consequently, Adam started to attend a hypnotherapy course in order to beat his addiction and is on the road to recovery - he has now dropped from 15 stone to 11 stone due to the therapy.

Adam commented on his addiction: "I've never been slim, I've always carried some weight. But there came a point when I started eating fast food every day. Then the cakes started coming as well and I piled on the pounds without noticing it.

"It was only when I looking at the pictures that I realised how much weight I was carrying. These cakes just became part of my routine, I would eat them like someone else would eat breakfast," he added.

Now, Adam is drinking more water and naturally eating less, allowing his previous enthusiasm for martial arts classes to return, according to