Why Helping Others Will Make You Feel Happier

It’s now well acknowledged that helping other people can lead to a boost in your own happiness. By doing good for other people, you can reap the benefits as well. It’s true; there are lots of perks in it for you too. ‘How does that work’, you may ask. Well here are a few different ways in which helping others will make you feel happier.

Giving to others can give yourself a self-esteem boost. If you’re experiencing low self-esteem, consider volunteering your time with a local organisation that supports people in need. Volunteering for good causes can increase feelings of being socially connected, which reduces isolation and serves to boost your self-esteem. The more you volunteer or help others, the more your self-esteem and confidence will grow. That sounds like a win-win situation.

Never mind having a half full glass; your glass will be completely full. Having a positive impact on someone’s life can lead to a change in your own outlook on life. Experts have long said that performing acts of kindness can boost your mood, which in turn helps you to become more positive. So, fill your glass up with happiness.

Your friendships will be enriched. You may even make new, long lasting, firm friendships as a result of helping others. For example, when I started volunteering with a charity I met people who are now among the most treasured in my life. When you help others, you’re giving off positive vibes. People pick up on that and will want to be part of it. You could turn helping people into a social activity and rope your friends into getting involved. I know someone who does that regularly at a homeless shelter. This will engender a feeling of belonging, as well as boost your happiness and fulfilment.

You’ll find inner peace. We all go through good and bad times in life. So, if there’s something that is wearing you down, helping others can help you to clear your mind and gain some perspective.

It will make you feel thankful. Speaking of perspective, helping others can help you to reflect on your own life and appreciate what you have. It’s easy to get bogged down in all the things that aren’t going right but helping others will help you to see what is good in your own life. We are all blessed in some way.

So, you see helping others can definitely help you to feel happier, more fulfilled, blessed and positive. Give it a go and notice the difference it makes.