5 reasons why you should go back into study

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do” (Steve Jobs).

Do you wake up every morning dreading, thinking, worrying, wondering what the day will hold for you?

Do you feel unmotivated, unhappy, bored during your working day?

Have all the kids grown up and moved on or needing you less?

Have you entered retirement and feel at a loss?

Are you challenged within your role?

Do you daydream, what if...?

These are all things that may have gone through your mind at some stage in your life in relation to careers.

Lets look at some of these points in finer detail.

1) The kids have flown the nest.

Have you got empty nest syndrome? Are you feeling that your role of parenting is no longer needed on the level that it used to be needed, are you wondering around the house looking for ideas/ inspiration to keep you busy?

Instead of feeling the pain of emotions such as abandonment, redundancy, depression, sadness, lets embrace this new-found time to go back to studying. Find your interests again do something for you that you didn’t have time to do before. Learn to become selfish and self-focused. In doing this, it will reduce the emotions you are feeling and help you focus on the new found you without the brady bunch holding you back. The positives are that you have more to talk about and you are creating a life independently from a mother/ father title.

2) Unmotivated/ unhappy and bored

Are you feeling like this in your current day, is it the same thing day in day out? If you are beginning to feel like this in your current job, it’s an indicator that a change needs to happen.  Do you need to feel more motivated and challenged? Have you had the good ideas to develop parts of your work, but because you are not in the position to make changes you do nothing about it? Well perhaps going back to studying will not only create a focus and a goal but also motivate you to make changes in your life. Boredom feeds negative thoughts and the longer we allow ourselves to enter into this pattern of thinking, the greater chances are of us developing low mood.  Studying can and will open a whole range of doors, and therefore in turn giving you a more positive outlook.

3) If only I have worked at school

How many times throughout our childhoods did we hear our parents say if only I could go back, if only I worked harder, you will regret it if you don’t put the work in ??? This is a comment I regularly think about, whenever I am working therapeutically with clients as often it is this very negative thought that holds people back. So, you did not work at school, does that mean its over and you have to be bored, unvalued, continually thinking what if, embarrassed at others’ success? Absolutely not!!! If this thought regularly comes up for you, STOP and do something about it, whilst we all know that change is difficult, it can also be rewarding. Go back to studying, stop dreaming and start doing what you can and want to do.

4) Retirement

Retirement, the word that we all long for, but when it comes is it all that it is cracked up to be, I mean there is only so many lie-ins, holidays, golfing, coffee dates one person can do (surely??!). if you are at this stage and have enjoyed the initial stages of retirement but feel a bit useless or bored, why not go back to studying. Pick a new-found interest or go to night tech to learn the new way maths and English are taught. Or better still, get yourself onto a computer course, who knows what doors it could open…

5) You want your dream job

So, you eventually know what you want to be. Great, but get this, it involves going back to study. Instead of putting it off and allowing your mind to wonder back to point number 3, engage your motivation and boredom (point 2) and make changes. The benefits of this change will outweigh the negatives. Stop putting it off, it will only take you longer to achieve and will only allow you to feel rubbish about your current job and of course affect other aspects of your life. Everyone can achieve if they put the effort and work in.  If your dream job involves studying, go back and do it, the rewards are great!

Studying is a great way to keep the mind healthy and in turn keep us young. It helps us interact with younger generations and helps us learn new things. Studying has a positive affect on our mental well-being, helping to strengthen our self esteem and confidence, so what are you waiting for!

“every morning you have two choices; continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them” (anonymous).