What is and External Verifier?

From time to time your Chrysalis Course may be visited by an external verifier who works for Aim Awards, but what do they actually do? Below are the details of what you would expect from an external verifier so they are not a scary person and the experience can be embraced.

External Verifier

Work with Centres to:

  •     Carry out a programme of visits to centres as requested by the AIM Awards Quality Reviewers
  •         Review assessment and internal verification decisions by sampling learners’ completed work/portfolios.
  •         Monitor procedures to ensure the centre’s internal assessment and verification decisions are in accordance with AIM Awards Centre Recognition requirements
  •         Provide information, advice and support to centres
  •         Ensure that AIM Awards units and qualifications are delivered and assessed in accordance with   approved specifications.
  •         Provide a visit report that will enable centres to maintain its levels of Quality Assurance or improve
  •         In liaison with the Quality Reviewer take part in any agreed training and development activities

The great thing is that Chrysalis will always be looking to improve and with the help of Aim Awards no doubt we can continue to offer students the best possible level of training