Placements for Chrysalis Students

As part of any professional face to face counselling course, there is a need for practical work, this is most commonly in the form of a supervised placement. Chrysalis understands that it sometimes is not the easiest thing to achieve hence why we have been working on giving our students more information on how to find a placement.

What has happened already?

Over the last year and a half Chrysalis has been recording the different placement providers that our students use, what was surprising was that there was over 150 on the list, taking into account that a placement will take more than one student. Chrysalis is currently contacting all of the different placements on behalf of students to let them know that we are in the process of launching a brand new placements advertising page on the student area, we already have three placement providers wishing to advertise including Place2Be which is a national charity that works within the school network.

We have also placed a new page on our website which will be listing some of the placements that have accepted students in the past to give people an idea on where to look.

We have had in place for a considerable amount of time the ability to talk to a placement, we set this up as the counselling world is always changing as well as Chrysalis evolving. For example, Chrysalis courses are now on the QCF and this gives a placement a clear reference point as to what level a student is studying at and that a student has a route to an Accredited Register with the National Counselling Society. This means if a placement wants to know more the student can ask the placement whether they would like to speak to Chrysalis to get more information, this will likely be with our Head of Counselling, Lorna Cordwell.

We are also building better relationships with placement providers, in the future Place2Be will be attending a module during your course to let you know what placements are available in your area with them and how to apply plus there will be other information being sent in the newsletters from other placement providers.

What is going to be happening?

As part of the data collection on placement providers Chrysalis will be informing tutors of where students have gone for placements in the past to be able to let student know where to try.

What is most exciting is the development of the Student Placement Guide, this should be launched early next year, in it will contain everything that a student and placement provider would need to know, it is important that a student is given clear guidance however it will help placement providers understand where you are on your journey. It will include information such as, how can I find a placement, tips on how to apply, an in depth summary of the course, what levels are our courses at and much more.

Will I be pre-approved for a placement?

The answer to this is no, Chrysalis Courses will not be sourcing the placements for students to walk into that is because we believe it is an important part of your training and in finding a placement you have experienced how the counselling world works, so if in the future if you wish to apply for an employed role you would have built up invaluable experience. Placements will usually want you to go through an interview as well as their own induction training, this is because it is specific to their organisation, this is another reason as to why we will not be able to get preapproved placements.

Stay tuned for future developments – Chrysalis Not For Profit LTD