Rugby star speaks about suicide attempt

Rugby legend Sean Long has spoken about how his battle with depression led to a suicide attempt, according to

The star, who used to play for St Helens and Great Britain, claimed that he started struggling with the mental illness back in 2011, when he retired from the sport because of an injury. This led to him trying to take his own life when he locked himself in the garage of his Wigan home and attempted to start his car.

Luckily the star was rescued by friends and family and is now on his way to overcoming the illness.

Talking about the situation, Long told "I just felt like I'd had enough. I didn't know I was ill. It was a cry for help."

He continued: "It's only now that I'm learning to speak to people about what I was going through that I realise a lot of people have been in this situation before."

Dr Phil Cooper, co-founder of rugby charity State of Mind, praised the star for speaking out about his battle with depression, saying it helps to encourage others to "think about their own mental fitness."

Recent research found that 77 per cent of suicides which were recorded in the UK back in 2012 involved men.