Poor sleep and diet among some of the biggest drivers of stress, says expert

An expert has claimed that a sleep problems and a poor diet are among the biggest causes of stress.

Stress expert Charles Linden, who has a number of celebrity clients, including Jodie Kidd, spoke to huffingtonpost.co.uk this week about the biggest drivers behind stress.

Talking about how lack of sleep can affect stress levels, Linden said that the importance of sleep should "never be underestimated", saying: "Many people with stress and anxiety become very worried that their sleep patterns have been disrupted and that this could have a detrimental effect on their physical and mental health."

He added: "Many sufferers also believe that they don't sleep at all, but our experience is that despite sometimes, massively disrupted sleep patterns, the same people do sleep, albeit spasmodically."

Linden also claimed that a poor diet affects stress levels due to the fact that what you eat is metabolised and leads to the activation and deactivation of hormones. This means that an unhealthy, irregular diet can cause a hormone imbalance and lead to stress.

As well as trying to get into a good sleeping routine and eating a healthy diet, those who are feeling overwhelmed by stress may want to contact their GP who may recommend help such as a counselling course.

It was also revealed this week by dailymail.co.uk that Brits are left frustrated 234 times a year because they can't deal with stress. The research by energy company E.ON also found that men and women get stressed over different issues.