'This Morning' presenter opens up about depression battle

'This Morning' presenter Matt Johnson has opened up about his battle with depression.

The 30-year-old star claimed that he started to suffer with the mental condition when he suffered from a severe accident in his twenties.

He told digitalspy.co.uk: "One night I was on antibiotics and drinking and I collapsed. I fractured my cheekbone in several places and broke my jaw so I had to have a metal plate fitted in my face."

Johnson continued: "Before, I was cocky, arrogant and ambitious. After the accident I snowballed into a weird depression. I'd gone from someone people thought was 'cool' to this shell of a man."

The presenter said the condition affected his relationship with 'The One Show' presenter Alex Jones and even led him to drinking two bottles of whisky a day when he reached a low point during a holiday in Spain in 2009.

Johnson said that he hopes he can move on with the condition by confessing about his experience with depression. He is also trying to raise money for mental health charity Mind and hopes his story may help others who are currently suffering.Those who do think they have depression may want to visit their local GP who may recommend help such as anti-depressants or a counselling course.

It is reported by mentalhealth.org.uk that one in four people in the UK suffer with some sort of mental health issue in their lifetime.