'Note to Self' Temporary Tattoos

We wanted to start off the day with a lovely little story we have just heard about.

Janelle Silver, an artist from Australind, Australia has come up with a creative way to remind people suffering from stress, depression or anxiety, that they are awesome.

She has designed a series of 'note to self' temporary tattoos on her Etsy page Hearts and Hands that we think are fabulous. They act as a reminder to the wearer to be kind to yourself or breathe.

Janelle told the HuffPost UK Lifestyle that she created the tattoos as a way of managing her own mental health, with the hope they might also be helpful to others aswell. Janelle is 31 and lives with her husband Justin and their seven year old daughter Izzy. She describes herself as 'a really visual and tactile person' so she began looking for ways to help her own mental health that involved sight and touch.

"Whenever I started to feel myself hitting a low or I'm anxious, I pick the reminderss I need or want and then they're there if and when I need them."

She draws the designs herself the prints cuts and packages them herself too. She sells the transfers on her online shop, where she also stocks other home made gifts aimed to help build self worth and self confidenace.

"Dont be afraid to reach out - we're in this together. You're amazing" she says.

We think this is a fantastic shop and we love it.