Nigella uses hypnotherapy for weight loss

Nigella Lawson has had a hypnotherapy course to help her lose weight, reports. The celebrity chef is rumoured to have lost over two stone in weight.

The 53-year-old is rumoured to have seen the same therapist that previously worked with Lily Allen in a bid to shed the pounds. She has previously said that she won't use food deprivation as a way of losing weight, and preferred to try other methods instead.

Portion control, a personal trainer and Pilates have all supposedly been trialled by Ms Lawson in the past to help with her weight loss.

A source told the Mirror: "But she wanted to lose a few pounds and decided hypnotherapy would mean she could still eat her favourite foods - but in smaller sizes.

"Nigella was thrilled with the results. She has also learnt self-hypnosis, which she will be able to use for life." reports that over 14 months, the chef has dropped from a size 16 to a size 12. Her weight loss method was reportedly kept a secret, with Nigella being encouraged to eat smaller portions and keep a healthy eating diary.

Ms Lawson had also been posting pictures of her small meals on her Twitter page.