Sunderland depression rates higher than anywhere else in the UK

New statistics show that there are now more people who are depressed in Sunderland than anywhere else in the UK.

According to a Mental Health profile of the city, one in five residents who are over 18 in the area suffer from the condition. This is the highest result for the whole of Britain.

A mental health charity in the area has also said that it now sees 350 people per month who display a range of mental health problems. However Dorothy Gardiner, project manager of Sunderland Mind, says that despite seeing "more people coming through the doors than ever before", the facility has seen funds cut by £12,000 in the last year.

Fifteen per cent of adults in the UK suffer with depression at some points in their life according to Symptoms of the condition include lack of concentration, tiredness, low energy levels, anxiety and stress. Some sufferers benefit from attending counselling courses and/or being prescribed anti-depressants, which can help alleviate these effects.

It is thought that financial and employment issues are part of the reason for the high number of cases of depression in the area. Ms Gardiner told "We are already seeing more people coming in because they've been made unemployed, we are getting referrals from the city's Jobcentre because it is affecting their mental health."