National Stress Awareness Day: As it is claimed 1 in 4 women feel stressed every day

New research has revealed that one in four British women feel stressed every single day, as opposed to just one in 10 men. 42% of women find fitting everything into the working day more of a challenge compared to 31% of men.

Similarly, men don’t feel as pressured when trying to leave work on time compared to women.

The poll asked 2,000 people aged 25 to 50 about the symptoms and causes of stress. It was found that the nation's stress levels peak when Brits battle to 'have it all' and try to achieve a work/life balance.

It was reported that one in five people report feeling stressed more than six times per week, a worrying statistic.

Symptom wise it is sleep, health and relationships that are the first things to suffer.

Life coach Sophia Davis said stress at home becomes a bigger issue for women in their thirties. Sophia claimed: 'In my experience, once a woman hits her mid-thirties, she has formed an idea about who she is. She will be making comparisons with the people around her, creating a self-imposed pressure, and potential anxiety if she is not in the same or similar place.'

At the top of the self-imposed pressures is keeping the house clean and tidy (39%). This is followed closely by spending quality time together as a family (27%) and completing DIY jobs (21%).

Stress can have a knock on effect, with a reported 22.4 million willing to put their health on the line to cope with it. There is a staggering statistic of 14.1 million Brits turning to alcohol and another 8.3 million relying on nicotine to help release their anxiety.

Other releases include turning to their loved ones for support or exercising. It is also reported that whilst women seem to feel the pressures of stress more, they are also more likely to seek help compared to men.