Hypnotherapy Helps Teenager Overcome his Crisp Addiction

James, a 17 year old from Manchester, who was told he suffers from Selective Eating Disorder managed to kick his 10 year habit after seeking help through hypnotherapy.

He said: "I was completely addicted to crisps and I wasn't fussy about the brand, as long as the crisps were ready salted with very little flavour I would eat them."

James ate very little else - sometimes he would have a simple dinner such as chips and fish fingers or a sandwich for lunch - but his favourite filling was always the same - ready salted crisps.

He arranged to spend two hours with psychologist and clinical hypnotist Felix Economakis, at The Heath Therapy Clinic in North London.

James was amazed that following the treatment he could try new foods for the first time. For years James hated the thought of ‘wet foods’ such as ketchup and wouldn’t touch anything else.

He said: "It was amazing. The first new food I tried was a fruit salad. It was the first fruit I had eaten for seven years- it turns out I really like strawberries."

Felix said: "Selective Eating Disorder is most often caused by a trauma associated with food - it is often something that has happened as a baby that the patient has no conscious memory of.

"In many cases it often develops when the patient was a baby, for example during the weaning phase when the patient has no conscious memory.

"I work with the patient's subconscious to help them process the past and learn to let go of the fear – detraumatising the experience."