Martine McCutcheon opens up about her seven-year battle with depression

Former 'Eastenders' actress Martine McCutcheon has revealed her seven-year-long battle with depression for the first time, reports

The actress and singer also suffers from ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis), commonly known as chronic fatigue syndrome, but she was only diagnosed 18 months ago after collapsing a number of times.

She said she is unaware what came first - her illness or the depression but she blames her depression mostly on her abusive father and an over-active career in her 20s.

Despite her problems, Ms McCutcheon hopes that speaking out about her depression will help others cope with the illness. Those who are worried they might be suffering from depression may want to try going on a counselling course, as talking to a professional can help.

She also said that she was getting on top of her illness and has big plans to return to pop music, reports.

"Despite everything, I have a really exciting future ahead of me," she said. "I had a chance to miss it, when I was lying there thinking, 'I would love to sing or write a song again'. Jack (her husband) has been writing some amazing songs for me. There have been a hell of a lot of things to write about.

"I feel like I am starting a whole new novel of my life."

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