'Lost' actress Evangeline Lilly believes her diet affected her depression

Evangeline Lilly, whose most well known for her role in TV series 'Lost', has opened up about how she fought her clinical depression.

According to digitalspy.co.uk, she believes her diet, which she changed whilst filming 'Lost', had a big impact on her health and changing it enabled her to cure herself.

"Going from eating whatever to eating primarily organic food, I was astounded what a difference that made," she explained. "After about a year or two years, I started to feel something physically lift out of my brain and I believe it was all the chemicals I was probably ingesting [before]."

She also mentioned that she did not use any medication at all to tackle her health problems, although she noted that the illness was "one of the biggest challenges" she's ever had to face.

Her positive attitude might have had something to do with her improved health too, as the actress recommends putting on a smile even when you don't have one, reports contactmusic.com. That way, you will eventually start to believe you are happy, she explained.

Lilly has been free of the illness for several years and feels much more alive now she has come out "the other side".