McFly singer Tom Fletcher hopes his story will help other depression sufferers seek help

McFly singer Tom Fletcher has opened up further about his depression in the hope that others will go and seek help as a result.

According to, Mr Fletcher said getting help was "the best thing" he ever did, even though it wasn't easy.

"People can be cynical about celebrities talking about it, but, hopefully, if someone hears about my experiences and gets help, then it's worthwhile talking about it," he stated. "It's extremely common, anyone can be affected by it. It's nothing to be ashamed of and help is available."

He explained to that he only realised he had depression after watching Stephen Fry's documentary about the illness. After he realised that Mr Fry, who suffers from bipolar disorder, was talking about what was happening to him, he went to find help straight away.

Mr Fletcher suspects that he's suffered with depression since his school days but never recognised the signs. He said the highs and lows he experienced whilst working with McFly made the emotions he was feeling even worse, but he put his feelings down to stress.

The singer has now been on medication for two years, which he said has really helped him cope. He recently announced he's expecting a child with his wife, Giovanna.