Level 5 & 6 Courses

Level 5 & 6 Courses

After last month’s newsletter one question that a lot of students wanted to find out about was our level 5 and level 6 qualifications. We also thought it would be good to give everyone a timeline and what they need to do, this however will be split into two categories, firstly the students who have completed the Chrysalis course prior to the Chrysalis becoming an approved center of Aim Awards and secondly for students who are on the new qualifications.

For any student who has completed or is studying the Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Once you have completed the qualification then you will need to upgrade your qualification to the Chrysalis Level 4 Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling, there will be a fee for this as it will require you to attend a venue for up to 2 days as well as completing some additional assignment based work, you will also become a registered student of Aim Awards. We are in the process of devising this upgrade package to make sure all of the learning outcomes are achieved, Chrysalis hope to have this available for March 2016. Although there will be plenty of students who wish to upgrade the courses will be held regionally i.e. South West, South, South East etc.  Once this is completed you will then be able to apply for the level 5 followed by the level 6 qualifications.

For any student who is studying the QCF courses (commencing Autumn 2014 intake)

Once you are into Year 3 you will have the option to enroll for the level 5 course after completing this you will then be able to enroll for the level 6.

What will the Level 5 entail?

Students will need to study for a further Unit on top of their Level 4 qualification achieved from course 3. This is likely to take shape over two study days (the same as the current Chrysalis format) along with some written work and completion of an assessment, the student will also need to be in a supervised placement for 100 hours. There will be an additional fee for this course as there is quite a bit of further work that needs to go into achieving the Level 5 qualification and we aim to have full details at the same time of launching the upgrade qualifications in March 2016. Again the taught days will be based regionally as opposed to our full complement of venues to make sure the classes are viable.

I have completed the Advanced Professional Diploma

If you were a student and you completed the Advanced Professional Diploma then you will need to upgrade this qualification to achieve the Level 5, this will mean attending the taught modules to make sure that all of the learning criteria has been met so the qualification can be awarded. As it is a level 5 qualification you will also need to upgrade your Course 3 qualification to the level 4 qualification as it is imperative that the learning criteria is met for successful completion of Level 5. Again full details will be available by March 2016.

The Level 6 Qualification – Course 5

This will be a research project and will be launched in March 2016, the student will need to carry out research and submit coursework based on their findings. Students will only be able to access this course if they hold a Level 5 qualification. As it is a research project there will be no enrollment intake as the course is down to the students so studies will be able to commence at anytime.  

Please keep checking the newsletter for further updates