Chrysalis News

We at Chrysalis are really happy to announce the following exciting news:-

On Monday 7th September, we launched our very first newsletter and as of 27th September we are launching the first of our CPD days.

The newsletter will be going out once a month to all students, tutors and office staff, meaning that everyone will have an opportunity to know what everyone is doing.

You are most welcome to contact us with any exciting news you have, perhaps you are getting married, you have just had a baby or you have just qualified.  You can submit short articles to us that you feel are interesting, or even ask us a question.

Whilst we cannot guarantee to include everyone, we will try out best.

We have lots of current and previous students and being able to connect with each other through our newsletter can only be positive. 

Remember to check your inbox and let us know if you haven’t received yours yet.

We will be able to keep you up to date on any changes to teaching venues, and date changes (you still need to check the emergency bulletin before each class though).  Current and proposed CPD days will be included, and again, you can contact us to suggest any CPD days you would be interested in attending.

This month, we have articles from a Chrysalis graduate, who has gone on to become a successful practitioner, a really interesting article on pain management from one of our own tutors and more.

Our first CPD is Using Hypnotherapy to work with children.  It is happening on Sunday 27th September at Chelmsford and again, is run by one of our Chrysalis tutors.

An early bird discount is being offered, so contact the office to secure your place.

Further CPD days will include topics such as working with drugs and alcohol and further pain management, as well as many more.

You will probably know by now that Chrysalis is launching their own CPD programme, with the first taking place in Chelmsford on Sunday 27th September.

Given how important CPD is to both help you decide if you wish to specialise, and to keep your knowledge up to date, it is great that you will now be able to attend CPD days at venues that are perhaps more local to you.

CPD days offer you the chance to meet others in your profession, make new friends and gain support from others.  One of the main advantages of CPD days is that you can pretty much pick and choose what you want to learn, where you want to learn it and how often you wish to learn.  Also, because there is no homework to complete, learning is totally flexible.  You simply turn up, learn and implement your new knowledge.

All of your tutors will be knowledgeable and experienced Chrysalis tutors, who are used to teaching and will continue to offer the same positive learning experience that most students have already experienced with us.

If there is a specific CPD you would like to see in our programme, please email with your ideas and we will see if it is something we can include.

All our CPD days will run in the same format as a standard Chrysalis class.  It will run from 10am-5pm, with the usual comfort breaks.  Do make sure that you bring your own refreshments, unless the course information states anything different.

Our CPD days will help you broaden and deepen your knowledge, meaning that you will be able to perhaps expand the number of people you can work with.  The more you know, the more you can work, the bigger your practice can grow.

You will need to bring the usual items, with you, pen, paper and a positive attitude to learning.