Hypnotherapy Helping Ease Joint Pain

Debra* felt she had tried ‘just about everything’ to manage the pain she had in her joints following her diagnosis of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

The joint pain was the main symptom that Debra found disruptive causing problems with sleeping and moving.

Now retired Debra had tried physiotherapy, chiropractic, an osteopath, painkillers and massage therapy. Whilst Debra made every effort for this not to become her life she did every so often have a rethink of what she could do in order to make herself more comfortable.

One day, hypnotherapy sprung to mind. It hadn’t helped her quit smoking when she had tried it previously, but that was a long time ago and Debra believed she had changed a lot since that time.

Approval was sought and a physiotherapist supported here.

Debra had one session and was given some recordings of the session to listen to. Night time seemed to be most effective for Debra and her sleep rapidly improved.

The recordings were gentle, hypnotic instructions, to relax the mind.

Dr Squire, who has been involved with Debra’s pain management and care, has said she will now look to recommending hypnotherapy more to patients. Pain has a context and is evaluated on the basis of other things going on and around you.

(*name changed for the purpose of this article)