What is a Chrysalis Interview Like?

So what is it like having a Chrysalis Interview?

The word "interview" can understandably conjure all sorts of uneasy feelings and misconceptions. I still remember my interview with Chrysalis all those years ago and how I felt before I met my interviewer.

I have been interviewing for Chrysalis now for almost ten years and met many fascinating likeminded individuals over the years. However it's easy to forget how people can feel at the prospect of being interviewed.

The interview process is very relaxed and informal, there is no dress code, for the majority of people it's an exchange of information. For me personally I see my role as: "enabling people to make an informed decision about their chosen course".

The process enables the candidate to get more information about the models of psychotherapy and Counselling incorporated into the training.

A full explanation on hypnotherapy is given, empowering the candidate to understand the therapeutic benefits, how it fits into psychotherapy, counselling and separating the fact from fiction - no we don't make people dance like Chickens!

There is plenty of opportunity to ask the interviewer questions, as the world of therapy and the acronyms used I feel can often alienate people.

The interviewer will also explain the structure, time frame, amount of work required and flexibility of the course along with payment options. The candidate will also be asked a few relative questions as well.

There is no pressure at interview and if you are successful you always have time to consider before making your informed decision. I look forward to meeting you in the future...