Footballer reveals gambling shame that led to four-month ban

Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Andros Townsend has spoken of his depair at being banned from football for four months after breaching gambling regulations.

Reported by, Townsend's gambling led to a fine and a ban by the Football Association this week and Townsend admitted that his gambling, which led to him withdrawing from the England Under-21 European Championship squad, has left him "heartbroken".

The 21-year-old was not accused of betting on matches in which he had any involvement but strict Football Association rules that forbid gambling on a wide range of games led him to be banned for four months. He was also fined £18,000 by the organsation.

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Speaking to, Townsend said: "It all started while watching games in my hotel room. I was bored and there were TV ads promoting bets you could have on the matches I was watching.

"Speaking honestly, there was never anything sinister going on. There was no match-fixing, no betting on my team to lose, no inside information," he added.