Slimmer loses 17 stone in one year after being told he was days from death

A Nottingham man lost a colossal 17 stone in one year after doctors told him he was days from death, according to

Steven Goodwin, 39, weighed in at 30 stone just 12 months ago, due to living on a diet of microwave meals, takeaways and sugary fizzy drinks. He was so large that he could not even tie his shoelaces and doctors claimed he was 3 days from death after he was rushed to hospital suffering from pneumonia severe diabetes - telling him he needed to lose weight immediately.

Mr Goodwin was offered gastric band surgery, however he refused it and lost the weight himself through healthy eating and exercise. This led him shedding the weight and reaching 12 stone, 13 lbs in just 13 months - leaving medical professionals stunned.

Talking about the period before his weight lost, Mr Goodwin told "I had lost the will to live. I'd given up on myself and even when I was told could die, it didn't really bother me."

Those who are suffering with weight issues often find it leads to other conditions, such as depression. It may help to visit a GP to talk through the issues. They may also recommend things such as counselling courses.

Mr Goodwin said he ate a diet of around 1,000-1,500 calories a day to lose the weigh, which included bran flakes for breakfast, a jacket potato at lunch and rice, salad and lean turkey for dinner.