FAQ - What is studying with Chrysalis like?

In this blog I am going to explain what studying with Chrysalis is like.

As well as attending the ten face to face sessions over the year you will also be given a wide variety of regular assessed practical and theoretical modules. You will be expected to complete these in your own time which gives you the flexibility to allow you to work at your own pace.

There is one homework assignment per month with an average of 30 hours reading and writing approximately 8 hours per week, however you can chose to spend more time doing this if needs be.

Many courses have practice groups which meet between modules. These groups will be students from your classes, this is a really beneficial thing to get involved in as you can ask any questions that you may have and bounce ideas off one another, rather than having to wait until your following lesson.

You tutor will give you a contact number so you can contact them on set days if you have any questions on your homework assignments.

Your client work will be appropriate to your chosen course and skill level and can range from supervised case studies to a placement depending on your chosen course.

Our methods of assessing students are wide ranging and fair, focusing on key practical skills. Chrysalis uses a system of independent second marking as well as using a highly external examiner to ensure quality and consistency.

Each year, final assessment is on your practical classroom work and work with clients and you will qualify if considered safe, ethical and competent at the level of your chosen course.