Australia’s Heaviest Man Loses 200kgs with the Help of Hypnotherapy

Jordan Tirekidis, a 44 year old man from Australia, has astonished experts as he shed 200kgs without surgery - he owes his spectacular weight loss to Hypnotherapy.

Dr Mark Stephens is a hypnotherapist and motivational speaker who worked with Jordan Tirekidis on his phenomenal achievement.

Dr Stephens utilised a variety of techniques in his therapy with Jordan. He used hypnotherapy to encourage Jordan to associate unhealthy foods with bad smells and foul images. Dr Stephens aimed to focus Jordan’s mind so that his behaviours and weight loss would follow.

The road was not smooth; there were scares along the way with blood pressure lows and occasional lapse where he would binge on unhealthy foods. But regular hypnosis slowly changed his habits.

Jordan described his journey as ‘like standing at the bottom of Mount Everest and having to climb up wearing thongs’.