Could Hypnotherapy save the NHS millions?

A hypnotherapist from Dundee claims he can help the NHS save up to £15 million a year with hypnotherapy.

Rod Beaumont has treated people with hypnotherapy for a range of issues from a fear of the wind to pain management of long term illnesses. Rod is a member of hypnotherapy foundation in Scotland and believes that collectively the group of accredited hypnotherapists could do more to help people suffering from a range of medical conditions.

Beaumont has noticed a sharp incline in the amount of people, local to the Dundee area, seeking help for a variety of reasons. A large percentage of the cases he has worked with involve quitting smoking. Of all the ‘quitters’ he has treated his success rate lies at about 95%.

Other clients have been to him for help with weight loss and phobias. The therapy not only treats the aliment but can increase the confidence in individuals to not regress. One individual that Beaumont has worked with recently was self-harming and was causing a serious concern. After a few therapy sessions he stopped and an increase in confidence was witnesses.

Hypnotherapy works by focusing on the unconscious part of the brain and trained therapists are able to ‘tap’ into this and make positive suggestions to influence the conscious part of the brain.

The exact way in which the NHS and the board of hypnotherapists plan to work together has not been addresses, but Rod Beaumont and colleagues are taking it forward with the Scottish government at the moment so watch this space I think.