New Primetime TV Hypnosis Show Branded ‘Fake and Disastrous’

The new primetime TV show, hosted by well-respected Phillip Schofield, sees six audience members challenged to simple gameshow tasks to win a share of £25,000. The catch is they have all undergone hypnosis backstage by illusionist Keith Barry.

Keith Barry has been a full-time illusionist for over 15 years and claims it takes about 20 minutes to hypnotise the contestants. He is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

The show aired on Saturday evening and immediately came under a barrage of twitter attacks. Many people were expressing how they thought the show was ‘fake’, ‘a set-up’, using ‘actors’. Even the host got involved claiming to have created ‘TV marmite.’

It wasn’t just viewers that were left questioning the credibility of the show and the genuine nature of the contestants and Keith Barry, professionals took to the debate.

David Behan, Harley Street Hypnotherapist, commented on how the therapist must use hypnosis techniques in accordance with a moral and ethical code. David doesn’t comment on whether he feels the show does this, but he makes the point that the therapist is in control.

He continues to say that ‘hypnosis should be used to help people and not used to encourage others to laugh at them. No one can be forced in their behaviour, under hypnosis they are simply following a suggestion.’

With all the negative comments coming from viewers though could it be putting people off trying hypnotherapy for genuine help with issues such as anxiety or to quit smoking?

Mr Barry, being a certified therapist, comments saying he ‘can understand the concern of some hypnotherapists with regards to ‘stage hypnosis’. There is obviously a huge difference between using hypnosis as a therapy and using hypnosis as entertainment. With our new show I simply allow people to relax their conscious minds and ignite their unconscious minds… all the participants enjoyed their hypnotic experience.’

The views expressed above are following the debates on social media around this subject and are not views of Chrysalis students or tutors. All Chrysalis students studying hypnotherapy are bound the ethical code of conduct in accordance with The National Hypnotherapy Society.