Celebs cavorting in their bikinis make women feel insecure, says study

New research has revealed that celebrities snapped cavorting in their bikinis whilst on holiday makes women feel insecure.

The data, which was carried out by supermarket Asda, questioned 2,000 men and women. It found that 82 per cent of women want to slim down before the summer months, inspired by snaps of beach-loving celebs such as Mylene Klass, Denise Van Outen and Kelly Brook. However, less than one in five men were planning to shed some pounds before summer, according to the research.

Women plan to lose 11lbs on average before summer, according to uk.lifestyle.yahoo.com. A quarter of women quizzed also said that they use celebrities as motivation to help achieve this weight loss, with 15 per cent even admitting to pinning up pictures celebrities in their bikinis as 'thinspiration'.

However, an unhealthy obsession with body image and weight can be harmful and could lead to an eating disorder in extreme cases. Those who feel like they may have become too pre-occupied with their weight or body should visit their GP, who may prescribe such measures as counselling courses to help with the issue.

It is also reported that sales of pre-packed salads are up by 50 per cent, whilst diet-friendly melon has seen sales increase of 80 per cent. However, those in their twenties confessed in the survey that they used crash dieting and 'faddy' measures to lose weight.