Case studies

With many of you coming up to case study time soon, it seems appropriate to remind you of how to set out your work.

Full details can be found in your Marking & Assessment or Marking & Grading Guide, but as a general reminder, the following sections need to be included:-

Abstract – an overview

Introduction and Initial Consultation – the information you have gleaned from the initial consultation

Diagnosis – your diagnosis of the issue/s based upon your initial consultation

Treatment Plan – every case study must have one, even if it is a one off.  This is where you say what you plan to do

Session content – where you detail what actually took place during the sessions

End of treatment & results – how the sessions were concluded, did client achieve their goal etc.

Limits & Flaws – this is about you and your treatment, rather than about the client

Conclusion – a summary of the whole case study

Please note, this is an overview, and full details can be found in your guides.

Word count guidelines for each year are:-

Year 1       2000 words +/- 10%

Year 2           2000 words +/- 10%

Year 3           4000 words +/- 10%

You will need to ensure that you both stay within your word count limit and that you include all the relevant sections within the main body of the case study.

Good luck to those of you undertaking case studies soon.