10 tips for controlling anger and channelling it

Anger is a completely normal human emotion. That said, it is how we control and channel our anger that really matters.

If you struggle to keep your temper in check, you’re certainly not alone. Many people find it incredibly challenging to tame their temper in a whole host of different situations.

With this in mind, learning how to control your anger and remain calm is extremely important at home, in the workplace and in social situations. After all, if you lose your temper, a situation can quickly escalate out of control, resulting in you saying or doing something that you could go on to regret.

Here’s our guide to channelling anger, using it for the greater good and getting to the route of your anger issues.

Time out

If someone or something has pushed your buttons and you feel yourself losing your temper, try to take yourself off to a comfortable, quiet space and take a breather.

Your breathing can often speed up the angrier you get, so removing yourself from the situation, and taking slow, deep breathes can help to reduce your anger levels.

Walk around

Taking yourself off for a walk can also do wonders for calming your nerves, reducing your anger and helping you to approach a situation with a clearer mind-set.

Play relaxing music

Music is a great form of escapism and can really help when it comes to relaxing the mind, body and soul. So, when you feel your anger levels rising, take a second out of your day to enjoy your favourite music.

Harness your angry energy

As anger is a natural human emotion and completely normal, many of us will express feelings of anger on a regular basis. But rather than letting the anger impact your day and induce negative emotions, it’s far better to harness your angry energy into something that is healthy and productive.

For example, why not pour your emotions into an act of kindness for someone else? If you do need to express your anger, do it in a way that could be beneficial for the greater good such as putting your complaint in writing or singing a petition.

Keep a diary

Writing your feelings down in diary format can really help you to control your emotions and manage them in all aspects of your life.

Great for reflecting on what has happened and what has hurt you or made you angry, a diary will help you identify what causes your emotions and what you need to do in order to deal with them more effectively.

Silence is a virtue

When you’re angry and emotions are running high, it’s easy to say things you might regret later.

Try to take a time out, gather your thoughts and stop talking until you feel in a better frame of mind. Once you’ve collected your thoughts, you can then revisit the conversation in a more controlled manner.

Mentally escape

Whether you curl up with a good book, visit family or friends, appreciate your favourite artwork, or take yourself off for a relaxing spa break, mentally escaping is a great way to find a moment of calm in difficult situations.


As a boost to your energy levels that gets all those happy hormones flowing through your body, exercise is a proven way to improve your mood! There are lots of sports that are great for anger management, including boxing, running, yoga and tennis. Give them a go and find the most effective and enjoyable form of exercise for you.

Count to 10

Counting down or up to 10 is a proven way to help subside your anger by focusing your brain on something else. It also helps to slow down your heart rate, allowing you to regain a sense of control.

Stretch out

And finally, stretching out and practising yoga movements can really help to harness your emotions and reduce your anger levels. Whether you join a class or learn some basic moves at home, it’s a great way to find a moment of calm.

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