8 healthy lifestyle habits to try for a happier life

Happiness is a very subjective thing. It’s certainly not a case of one size fits all when it comes to finding ways to boost it.

Happiness comes in all shapes and forms; as a result of pursuing your dreams, a phone call from a friend, creating a happy home or simply a much-needed hug from a loved one. And, regardless of what makes you happy, research that has proven that living a more satisfied, stress-free and fulfilled life is linked to our general day to day happiness.

Here’s our simple healthy lifestyle guide to help you live a happier life.

Think about your current daily habits

To make positive changes in pursuit of a happier lifestyle, start by thinking about your current daily habits. Are there areas where you could make simple changes to improve the way you feel?

Here are some small changes you might want to make to your daily habits:

Stand more

The human body isn’t designed to stay still. It’s important to move regularly, especially if you work in an office-based role. With this in mind, make a conscious effort to stand as much as possible. Sitting down for prolonged periods of time can have a significant impact on your quality of life and work.

Helping your body to digest fats and sugars better, standing up will also put you in a better mood, help you feel more energised, and relieve your body of aches and pains.

Live in the present

Living in the moment and being grateful for what you have is one of the best ways to boost your mood and live a happier, more fulfilled life.

A significant amount of research has shown that practising gratitude can increase your feelings of hope and happiness. A great way to think about what you’re grateful for is to write a list of all the things you’re thankful for, whether that’s your job, your family, friends, or other parts of your life that make you happy.


Smiles are contagious. When you smile, you signal to other people, and your own body, that you’re happy.

Remember, when we smile the brain automatically releases dopamine, which makes us happier – it’s a wonderful, positive cycle.

Step up the exercise

We all know the importance of making sure we exercise regularly if we want to live a happy, healthy and long life.

Exercising for as little as 30 minutes a day can do wonders for boosting the happy hormone levels that have a huge impact on your mood. Reducing stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression, even small amounts of physical activity can make a huge difference to your self-esteem and happiness.

Eat with care

It’s true what they say… “we are what we eat”. And, when it comes to our happiness, our food choices not only impact upon our health and wellbeing but also our state of mind.

Focus on integrating a balanced diet into your everyday life, eating plenty of fruit, vegetables and lean meats. Try to avoid highly processed foods as much as possible as these can make you feel low. And remember, skipping meals can also make you feel down in the dumps, not to mention lacking in energy.

Take time to recharge

Juggling life, work, family and friends can be overwhelming and can leave us feeling deflated, stressed and often exhausted.

But, no matter how busy you are, try to take time to recharge, whether that’s by taking a relaxing dip in the tub, reading a good book, or simply enjoying a moment of peace and calm.

Sleep: How to sleep better

With the demands of everyday life often pulling us in all manner of different directions, it’s sometimes difficult to switch off and get a good night’s sleep. However, getting the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep a night is paramount to good health, improved brain function and of course, your emotional happiness and well-being.

To determine whether you’re getting enough sleep, listen to your body. If you’re constantly fighting the urge to take a nap during the day, it’s fair to assume you’re not getting enough rest.

For a better sleep routine, limit screen activity in the bedroom or ban it altogether, take a relaxing bath an hour before you go to bed, keep your bedroom clean and tidy and invest in some comfy bedding!

If you've got yourself into a bad bedtime routine lately and would like to get it back on track, check out our tips on how to fix your sleeping pattern. You should also check out a list we created on some of the best sleep apps available on both iPhone and Android to help you sleep through the night.