What job can you get with level 3 counselling?

If you’re considering signing up for a level 3 counselling course and are wondering how it will allow you to progress with your career, you’ve landed in the right place.

We’ve created a helpful guide outlining what type of job in counselling you can get with this qualification.

Why choose a career in counselling?

A career in counselling can be incredibly fulfilling, allowing you to connect and engage with people from all backgrounds, while supporting them through some of the most difficult and challenging times of their life, whether they are facing financial constraints, going through a breakup or suffering from stress and anxiety.

This career path also offers a whole host of opportunities to work across a diverse range of sectors, in different types of counselling roles.

What does level 3 counselling involve?

The Level 3 Certificate in Counselling is specifically designed for people who have already acquired practical counselling skills and theoretical knowledge at Level 2 and wish to progress further with their careers.

Providing the opportunity to continue their training at a more advanced level, this qualification typically involves a broad range of theoretical and practical experiences, including:

  • Workshops
  • Projects
  • Seminars
  • Presentations
  • Simulated counselling practice
  • Simulated group training supervision

Ultimately, this course aims to give students invaluable first-hand insight into real-life counselling scenarios, so they can develop the skills, experiences, and techniques they need to advance further.

Level 3 counselling is also very much about personal development and, throughout the course, you will be asked to reflect on your performance through frequent learning reviews, where you will be encouraged to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

What experience and skills will you gain?

Throughout this course, you will gain a number of skills that you can utilise in a real-life working environment, including:

  • How to prepare work within an ethical framework for counselling
  • Develop a strong empathic understanding
  • Understand theories of counselling and mental health
  • Delve deep into the counselling relationship
  • Understand diversity issues.

What job can you get with level 3 counselling?

Successful completion of this course will allow you to work as a helper or a trainee counsellor in areas such as:

  • Mental health
  • Working with the homeless
  • Substance misuse, education
  • Health and social care.

Level 3 counselling is widely recognised as a gateway to becoming a fully-qualified counsellor and will allow you to take the next step in training to reach your goals. We do, however, recommend that all our students receive training through to Level 5 in counselling before practising as a professional counsellor.

Why exploring a career in counselling is a great opportunity

Becoming a qualified counsellor is a great way to help people gain an understanding of why they are feeling the way they are, giving them the techniques they need to change and manage their thoughts and feelings.

If you're interested in becoming a counsellor, then why not check out our range of courses here. Get in touch with us today to see how you can make a difference. You can also request a prospectus online