What is level 3 counselling?

There has never been greater emphasis on the importance of mental health in men and women of all ages.

With so many different factors leading to a decline in mental health, including social media, a rise in the cost of living, career worries, money worries and relationship issues, there has been a stark rise in the need for counsellors to support those suffering from mental health difficulties.

Embarking on a career in counselling can be incredibly fulfilling and interesting, giving you the opportunity to actively support someone through their difficulties.

However, if you’re considering becoming a counsellor, you will need the necessary qualifications, including Level 3 Counselling Skills.

What is level 3 Counselling?

Level 3 Counselling is the perfect course if you want to study counselling or develop your skills in a career where counselling skills are used. Specifically designed to support learners that are using counselling skills as part of their functional role or looking to progress towards accredited counsellor status, this course is a great way to further enhance your skill set.

Focusing on giving you the skills and knowledge you need to support people’s well-being in all areas of their life, whether they are experiencing bereavement or loss, or facing mental health difficulties, this course may be beneficial for those who want to:

  • Take the next step in training to become a counsellor
  • Learn more about counselling theory, ethics and mental health
  • Be prepared for work as a professional counsellor in an agency setting.

It’s important to note that this qualification does not lead to employment and is a form of training for professional counselling qualifications. Of course, in the long term, acquiring this level of skill and expertise could lead to employment or progression in the area of counselling that you wish to grow in.

Entry requirements

To complete this course, you must have undertaken the Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills.

Level 3 Counselling Course Content

When completing the Level 3 Counselling Course, you will cover areas such as:

  • Developing counselling skills
  • Theoretical approaches in the use of counselling skills
  • Working ethically with counselling skills
  • Counselling skills and diversity
  • Counselling skills and personal development

What can I do with level 3 counselling?

Once you have completed your Level 3 Counselling, you will be able to:

  • Learn more about counselling theory, ethics and mental health
  • Take the next steps involved in training to become a fully-fledged counsellor
  • Be prepared for the challenges that come hand in hand with working as a professional counsellor in an agency setting

How do I become a counsellor?

If you are considering becoming a counsellor, there are many different potential routes to achieve your career goals. Whether you complete a diploma, degree or postgraduate course in counselling or psychotherapy, there are many opportunities to realise your full potential and gain the theoretical and practical skills you need to become a counsellor.

If you’re considering becoming a therapist or counsellor, explore our counselling and hypnotherapy training courses and get in touch if you require any further information.