The Power of Positive Thinking

Did you know that positive thoughts can shape positive beliefs, which then become positive outcomes? While it may be difficult to believe at first, it’s true to say that our thoughts can impact on our feelings, beliefs and reality.

For example, take someone who thinks negatively about everything. They probably manifest negative things in their life as a result. If they think they will fail at something, they probably will.

Then you have the positive thinker. A person who thinks that things are going to go their way. That probably will happen. Yes, it could be down to luck or other factors but there is something to be said for the power of positive thinking.

I can recall a time when I was a very negative thinker. I thought that I had no friends because nobody liked me. I thought that I would stay in dead end jobs because I was not capable or worthy or better. Past experiences had shaped the way I thought, but now the way I thought was shaping my experiences.

The day came when I started to look at life with a more positive outlook. It was after going through some therapy and eventually embarking on a course to become a therapist. I started to learn a lot about myself and the reasons why I thought about everything in such a negative way. From that, I determined that my life was only going to improve if I changed the way I thought. I didn’t have no friends because nobody liked me. I had no friends because of the way I projected my thoughts. I made myself a negative person to be around because all of my thoughts were negative.

To aid the new-found positive thinking me, I tried daily affirmations as a motivational exercise. I stood in front of a mirror each morning and forced myself to say affirmations such as “my positive thoughts shape my positive life” and “every day I am becoming more and more positive”. I felt very self-conscious at first. I was talking to my reflection in a mirror and wondering if there was any truth in thoughts shaping belief. Nevertheless, I persevered. Over time I continued to work on using positive self-talk to shape positive thoughts, which in turn shaped positive beliefs and a positive reality.

It worked. People started wanting to hang around with me again. I left a job I disliked and found a new one with more opportunity for development and progression. I got into a relationship, lifted myself out of poverty and eventually qualified as a therapist. Now it’s all about positive thinking and the benefits that brings. Yes, there are off days and the odd negative thought creeps into my mind. I guess that’s part of being human. Life isn’t always perfect, and we all have wobbles. But overall, positive thinking achieves so much that I wouldn’t want to give it up.

But enough about me… How can you introduce more positive thinking into your life and manifest positive beliefs and outcomes as a result?

Firstly, think about what you want from life. What are your goals? What would you like to achieve? Maybe it’s a new job or career. Perhaps you’d like to have a social life. Possibly you’d like to earn more money or feel healthier. All of those things are achievable with positive thinking.

When you’re a bit clearer on what you want, you could try using positive affirmations based around that. So, stand in front of a mirror each morning and say something positive to yourself. Do it with conviction, like you really mean it. If your goal is to get a new job or move into a career you’ve always dreamed of, you could say an affirmation such as “I am worthy of a new career and I can achieve it”. If you say it to yourself enough times, you’ll start to think differently. Then you’ll begin to grow the belief within you that it’s something that is obtainable. Eventually, you may well find that you achieve that job or career you have wanted for some time but previously never thought it was a possibility.

It all sound straightforward, right? While it may take some time and you need to put in the effort, the benefits that positive thinking can bring could be life changing. That’s not to say that if you think positively about marrying Tom Hardy it will happen, but if you think positively about things that are realistic, positive results will manifest.

If thinking more positively seems impossible at the moment, it may be worth investing in seeing a counsellor or hypnotherapist. A therapist can help you to understand your negative thoughts and assist you into a new way of thinking. Negative thoughts don’t have to shape or define who you are or how your life is. You have the power within you to change the way you think, and a helping hand is available if you need it.