The Real Reason Behind The Semicolon Tattoo Trend

There has been a Sudden influx of pictures on social media of people getting semicolon tattoos. You'd be forgiven for thinking that people just have a real issue with bad grammar, but the real reason behind these quaint tattoos is actually a lot more meaningful.

Non-profit mental health organisation, The Semicolon Project, is encouraging anyone who has been through depression, anxiety or had suicidal thoughts to draw a semicolon on their wrists.

Whilst some have drawn it on, or opted for a temporary tattoo, other have committed and had it tattooed on themselves.

So why this particular punctuation mark? The Semicolon project say "A semicolon represents a sentence the author could of ended, but chose not to."

"That author is you and the sentence is your life."

They continue to say that "The semicolon project is for everyonewho self-harms, is suicidal, depressed, has anxiety, is unhappy, going through a broken heart, or just lost a loved one. Draw a semicolon on your wrist."

The project has been a success and participants have been posting their pictures with their own touching stories using the #semicolonproject