Feeling The Rage? Calm Yourself Down With These Top Anger Management Tips

Anger is negative emotional state. It doesn’t achieve anything positive and can eventually eat away at you. However, you do have a choice of whether you allow the anger to take over or put out those flames of rage. If you are susceptible to bouts of anger, read on for my top anger busting tips.

  • If you feel a rage coming on, stop and think about it for a moment: why are you getting angry? Do you need to get angry? What will becoming angry actually achieve? Ask yourself those three questions each time you feel yourself getting angry and you'll soon see that nothing good will come of it.

  • If you're in a stressful situation or having a confrontation with someone, walk away: it can be too easy to stand and argue but it's not beneficial to either person. So, decide to take a step back and physically walk away from the situation. Give yourself five minutes to think about the situation and how you can handle it in a more positive way.

  • Get plenty of exercise: physical activity is known to be a great stress reducer. As stress turns to anger, prevent that from happening by exercising regularly and working it out by working out.

  • Don't hold grudges: the words "I forgive you" are among the most powerful in the English language. Being able to let go and learning to forgive will ultimately benefit you. Holding a grudge will just eat away at you.

  • Practice relaxation, mindfulness or meditation: just ten minutes of quiet time each day can really help you to achieve peace of mind.

And a bonus tip... Know when to get help: if your anger is consuming you, support is available. You could see your GP or attend anger management counselling. Hypnotherapy is also something that's hugely beneficial. You don't need to live with anger and the consequences of it.