Does couples counselling work?

It’s not uncommon for couples to encounter problems at some stage in their relationship. Life can be challenging, stressful and overwhelming, putting a huge amount of strain on even the strongest couples.

And it’s not just the day-to-day challenges that can cause conflict. Many couples also face hardship, conflicts, and traumatic experiences during their relationship, which can sometimes push them apart.

In order to overcome these conflicts and strengthen bonds again, many couples turn to counselling.

Why do couples need counselling?

Whether you’ve been with your partner for one year or 50 years, it’s natural to run into problems at some stage.

Here are some of the most common reasons why couples turn to counselling:

  • Affairs
  • Differing parenting styles
  • Wider family conflicts
  • Life changes such as a bereavement
  • Sexual issues
  • Issues of trust
  • Jealousy
  • Gender role conflict
  • Religion or politics
  • Financial issues
  • Differing values and goals
  • Work-related difficulties

There doesn’t always have to be a specific reason, some couples take part in counselling to keep their relationship healthy and reduce the risk of problems occurring in the first place.

What is couples counselling?

Couples counselling is a specialised kind of talking therapy which involves bringing together two people and encouraging them to talk about how they are feeling. The main goal of this type of counselling is to help couples overcome their problems and ultimately improve their relationship.

Focusing on the bespoke needs of a couple, this form of counselling involves a professional counsellor who helps couples identify what’s happening within their relationship so they can focus on what needs to be changed, and what they can both do differently.

Does couples counselling work?

If you’re thinking of giving couples counselling a try, it’s important to keep in mind that counselling isn’t an instant fix.

The process is entirely different for everyone - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. However, as long as you are open and honest, and willing to explore your feelings and have difficult conversations, it has been proven to be incredibly successful.

What happens during the process?

During the counselling process, you will gain new perspectives about your relationship, having the opportunity to truly explore how each other feels, explore your differences and pinpoint any difficulties or points of conflict.

You will also be asked to discuss the things you love about each other, the things that you value about each other, and all the positives in your relationship. This not only helps to reinforce that there is something to keep fighting for during the hard times but it also helps to encourage you to appreciate your partner.

What are the benefits of couples counselling?

Couples counselling can offer a number of benefits, allowing you to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your relationship dynamic
  • See each other’s perspectives
  • Clarify your feelings about the relationship
  • Identify effective coping skills to overcome your issues
  • Create a safe space for you and your partner
  • Begin to resolve your issues

Ultimately, to reap the benefits of relationship counselling will depend on how open a couple is to finding resolutions to their problems.

Become a couples counsellor

If you’re interested in becoming a counsellor to support those dealing with problems in their relationship, find out how to become a counsellor or sign up for one of our Chrysalis Counsellor Courses.