Chrysalis Student NUS Card

It is really easy to apply.

You just go to the NUS extra website

Register your email address- enter your name and course provider and fill out a few simple details.

How much ? You get more discounts for the longer you sign up. You can apply from as little as £12.00 per year. Your card arrives within 5 days and you can start using immediately. There is also an NUS app that you can download on your phone.

I applied for 3 years and it cost me £33.50 (incl £1.50 pp)

I first used it at Ask Italian. It was a Thursday night and the student offer is 25% discount off your total bill. The bill came to around £28.00 and I saved £7.00!

I have since used the card at some retailers, including New Look student discount is 10% but at times they offer student promotions so can save up to 20%.

For an average cost of less than £1.00 per month, I would certainly say that I have made my money back in savings and I have only had the card 1 month!

A great spend indeed.